Firing up...

CHAINGANG helping you find the rides you WANT or make the rides you NEED. Get the GANG organised and get riding!

How It Works

Whether you are looking for the next laid back coffee shop run in a new town or are itching to unleash the fury in an eyeballs-out smashfest, CHAINGANG will help you sort it!

Search for rides, check locations, view rider profiles, live track gang members, chat, create, stay informed, all you need is the bike and the time, get involved!


Make a GANG and connect with your friends all over the world.


Create or join rides, invite friends or hunt something new. Set your HQ or meeting point, see where everyone is before you get going.


Get out there, ride it, chat about it, repeat it

First release is imminent, stay informed!

Show me!

We'd rather you were riding than staring at these but just so you know what you're in for...

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About Us

CHAINGANG have been riding since we were knee high to crickets. Riding is our life blood, from dirt to velodrome, mountain to crit we know how much this means, we want others to understand.